North Bay Insurance Brokers Rated As Top 3 Insurance Brokers

North Bay Insurance Brokers got rated as top 3 insurance brokers in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. This is an outstanding achievement that is worthy of note.

We faced a rigorous 50-Point Inspection from Three Best Rated, a company which rates the top 3 local businesses, restaurants, professionals and health care providers in Canada. Their rating includes factors such as checking ratings, reviews, history, cost, complaints, reputation, satisfaction, and trust.

Three best rated does not allow businesses to pay to list them. The rate mainly local businesses and not big corporations because they believe that local businesses provide better services to individuals and families than corporations. They are of the opinion that local businesses are more familiar with the city since they also live there.

The company makes it easier for people to find the best businesses in any city along with their complete information. They display all information they have about these companies including name, e-mail, phone, and Website URL right on their website. They do not hide any business information, do not require anyone to sign up to get the information, and they do not ask anyone to pay them to get the information. You just contact the business directly and do business with them; the company does not come in the middle any time. They do not sell client information to any business.

In their TBR report, the 12 factors used to rate our business include the following:

  • Website Standard: Companies who perform all the necessary tasks to keep a website up to date. We were rated 10/10.
  • Acknowledgment: These are businesses that are recognized through other standard websites in their area of business. We scored 9/10.
  • Special Features: This is a rating for companies that perform extra complementary services to customers. Our rating here is 9/10.
  • Page Maintenance: This is for regular announcement and update of social network page to make it as unique and brand-worthy. We scored 10/10.
  • Exact Services: This rating for firms who offer specific specialization of their unique services. We were rated 10/10.
  • Reviews Accuracy: This is rating for detailed authentic positive and negative reviews from customers about unique service. We were rated 10/10.
  • Current Evaluation: These are up to date recent reviews from customers. We scored 10/10.
  • Experience: These are companies who are masters of their craft, based on years of quality experience and education. We also scored 10/10.
  • Business Images: Authentic business images (interior, exterior, owner, vehicles, and office) which help customers to learn about the business before visiting. We were again rated 10/10.
  • Reviews Study: These are legitimate reviews spread across operating years. Score: 9/10.
  • Social Media: Our reputation on social media networks, page maintenance, and followers’ ratio. Here we scored 9/10
  • Legitimate Ratings: Legitimate ratings and reviews from customers. We got a 10/10 rating.

We at North Bay Insurance brokers are happy to see these ratings as it further motivates us to put in our best to continue to ensure quality services for our clients.