Home Insurance: The Basics

Home insurance is hugely important, allowing you to have protection against numerous hazards that may befall your property. A good policy will protect your home against fire and other damage, while also giving coverage for possessions in your property, protecting from the risk of theft and other damage.

As Canada is home to often brutal weather, the risk of damage from snow and particularly water is high, with overland flooding a common occurrence in North Bay and the province as a whole. Home insurance can help ease the pain of climate change and weather related damage by offering protection for the most valuable investment that you may make.

Unfortunately, while home insurance is offered by all major insurance providers, many Ontarians still do not understand the benefits of coverage, or do not understand how to get the best deal.

Knox Insurance is a dedicated team that works to get you the best possible protection for your home and at the best possible price. Out brokers work for you to ensure the best outcomes, and we are on hand with expert advice to guide you through the process of home insurance.

When looking for home insurance, there are some very easy things you can do to help you get the best deal:

Shop for quotes – It is amazing how many consumers still do not shop around for home insurance, and instead opt for the first policy they see. Shopping around will give you an idea about what is available, what a good policy should offer, and how much you should be paying. Shopping around is a guaranteed way to find the best deal, if you know what to look for.

Our quote engine will find you the best possible policies at the lowest prices from an array of Canada’s leading insurance providers.

Bundle those policies – If you have an auto insurance policy, ask your insurer about bundling it with home insurance coverage and watch the discounts roll in. Customers can save up to 15% off their policies by bundling car and home insurance together.

Consider Flood Protection – Yes, home insurance is expensive, and even more so when flood protection is included. However, if you live in an at risk area then it is essential to protect your home from sewer back-up and overland flooding. Only select insurer’s offer overland flooding protection in the North Bay area, but general sewer back-up protection is common.

Please the insurance company – If you make your home more secure by installing smoke alarms, sprinklers, alarm systems, security cameras, and advanced locks, insurance companies are likely to see less risk and could offer a better deal.

It is worth remembering that nothing is better than getting in contact with us directly by phone or email, giving you access to our expert advice on home and auto insurance.